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Cover Conbook: Was sie dachten, niemals über Finnland wissen zu wollen

A cultural scoop on all the things no one else tells you

Myriads of mosquitoes, dark, cold winters and silent Finns – the clichés about Finland are widely known.
Few people know, however, that the Mumins are a Finnish export hit and not much else is known about Finnish inventions in the world, which may be due primarily to the modesty of the Finns.

The happiest country in the world for the third time – that just cries out for a closer look. You have to dig a little deeper if you don’t want to remain superficial with the usual ideas of Mökki, sauna and midnight sun.

I left the signposted routes and went off the beaten track to explore the Finns’ attitude to life, their dreams and longings, to sound out the Finnish temperature of well-being and what we could learn from them.


Cover "Was Sie dachten, niemals über Finnland wissen zu wollen" ©Conbook-Verlag

But the funny, crazy and weird sides of the Finns are not neglected either. How it feels to be in the midst of party-hungry northerners is told, or the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere in a conspiratorial community of single nature boys.

In 55 chapters you will find out what is really behind the great silence …

Like any other country in the world, Finland does not only have chocolate or liquorice sides. There are definitely shady places where the sun's rays rarely touch the ground.
Birkenrinde ©Tarja Prüss


Find out why I write and how writing and travelling go together in the interview at Conbook:

There you also learn which are my favourite places in the world and which “cultural” misunderstanding is still gnawing at me. And last but not least, it also answers the question of which expedition I would have liked to be part of and where the journey will take me in the future.

"And sometimes it's hard to distinguish: is it departure or homecoming - travel or arrival. In each case, there is a large portion of longing in it."

Erscheint: März 2022

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ISBN: 978-3-95889-365-8

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