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Tarja Prüss

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Tarja Prüss

Hi, that´s me - Tarja Prüss. Words are my profession. photography is my passion. And give stories a voice.

years of experience

Thorough research, understandable language, good intuition. That is the basis for me to tell exciting stories that stay in the memory.
Finding out what moves and drives people.
Curiosity and empathy drive me. Every day anew.

In Stichworten

multimedia and public: television, radio, online
digital and borderless: digital content, cross-media, digital storytelling, web design
image-strong: online studies in photo design, video editing
audible: audio reporting, lectures, moderation, e-books

Prüss has mastered the language of storytelling. She has mastered the arc of suspense, her narrative style is literary.
If you're preparing for Finland, you can't miss Tarja's blog.
Oliver Schirg | Hamburger Abendblatt
In contrast to many competitors on the German book market, you don't get superficial slapstick here. On the contrary.
Nordis | Nordeuropa Magazin
Tarja is an exceptional writer (...) Her blog is a nice place to spend hours on great stories about Finland.
Mike Schneider | Snowsculpter
Getting to know Tarja, I learned she has not only a great way of listening and observing the nature and atmosphere around her, but can also put these into well-placed words.
Thomas Kast | Fotograf

In a nutshell

1988 - 1991 Private Radio Lindau | Editor | Presenter | Volunteering

Completed studies in political science, history, philosophy | University of Konstanz

Since 1993: Public broadcasting ORF (radio, television, online) | CVD | Editor | Reporter | Anchorwoman

Professional speech and language training

Advanced training in editing, live performances, interviews, research, storytelling, social media

Since 2013 Freelance writer

2013 Training in photo design

2018 Training in web design

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)