Tarja Prüss
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Finland fans will have known her for already, because on her blog www.tarjasblog.de she feels the pulse of the country and gives her readers an insight into the Finnish soul, way of life and traditions of this country.
Nina Blazon - Schriftstellerin
Once again I take my hat off to you! I have to admit: Yes, I have just travelled a little bit. By describing it so wonderfully, all of us who read your words were also there "a little" for a small, brief but intense moment.
Roland Blum - Radio Liechtenstein
A fine piece - thank you! And strangely enough, when I read it I have the impression of listening to a radio report - incl. atmo and OTs and everything.
Johannes Friedrich Reichert - Medienberater


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Artikel Tarja Prüss "Glückliches Finnland"