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Never Finland

hier entlang
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A culture scout...

 ... about all the things that no one else tells you.

Niemals Finnland Bücher ©Tarja Prüss
"The expert of Finland will discover new things in this book and deepen his knowledge about the northernmost country of the EU. The newcomer to Finland will gain a level of understanding after reading that would otherwise have taken years. The book is a booster vaccination in the matter of Finlandia."
Frau auf Steg am See


In Finland, summers are short and full of mosquitoes, but there is little snow. In winter, the sun doesn't rise at all in the north - and you get calluses on your hands from all the snow shovelling. Of all places, the happiest people in the world are supposed to live there?

Hopping into the ice hole after the sauna, sucking on liquorice and experiencing magical northern lights certainly adds to the happiness dose. But did you know that an pants is enough for the Finnish dress code, forests and saunas are happiness stations and fermented lemonade drives away winter? Find out where the Finns hide their black gold, why they still like to pay taxes - but only minor or metal makes them dance.

Happy Finland

In 55 chapters, Tarja Prüss goes down all kinds of paths to measure the perceived temperature of the Finnish soul. Far away from the 100,000 lakes, she explores a highly technical and crisis-tested society that, on the one hand, enjoys Finnish Zen in a lonely holiday home by the lake and, on the other hand, is still way ahead in many developments.

Wildblumen vor rotem Haus

Finn Way of Life

I left the signposted routes, went off the beaten track to explore the Finns' attitude to life, their dreams and desires, to sound out the Finnish feel-good temperature, and at the same time to find out what we could learn from the Finns.

But the funny, crazy and weird sides of the Finns are not neglected either. How one feels in the midst of party-hungry northerners is experienced, as is the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere in a conspiratorial community of single nature boys.

  • Erscheint: März 2022 
  • Conbook Verlag
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  • ISBN: 978-3-95889-365-8
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