Tarja Prüss
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111 reasons to love Finland

A declaration of love to the most beautiful country in the world

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"If you are looking for a classic travel guide, you are wrong here. The author rather wallows in declarations of love for the Scandinavian country. And this homage is so breathtaking, lively and knowledgeable that you would like to set off immediately. The reader can feel on every page that here write an expert about the homeland of the sauna inventors."
Tarja Prüss creates something unique. She shows us Finland through the Finns. (...) The sights are not neglected, they are there, but they are not in the foreground. They form a backdrop for the essential: the people.
This is definitely a declaration of love in the truest sense of the word. There is no better way to write it. It is so authentic, so heartfelt and so true that anyone who has been to Finland can confirm it. Goosebumps.
In contrast to many competitors on the German book market, you don't get superficial slapstick here. On the contrary. (...) In addition to exposing such curiosities (...) the result is an informative, entertaining and at the same time soulful portrait of the country and its people.
Nordis - Das Nordeuropa Magazin
111 Reasons to Love Finland" is far from a classic travel guide, but is very close to life, to the people, to those who love their country and who convey this to the outside world through their stories. You can literally feel the snow under your feet when Tarja Prüss tells her stories, and you can almost see the red wooden house in the middle of the forest before your eyes. In the end, one has to say: Beautiful country or not, those who like the North will love this book - and that also and especially applies to those who think they already know Finland well.
Heilbronner Stimme
Tarja Prüss is so enthusiastic about Finland, among other things, because it is the land of 188,000 lakes and speed traps and the Finns have a concentrated load of woman power and karaoke is a national sport. It's worth finding out about the other 108 reasons - in theory and in practice.
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111 Gründe Finnland zu lieben
Tarja Prüss
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A declaration of love

"111 reasons to love Finland"

Language : German | Paperback : 328 pages | ISBN-13 : 978-3862656141 | Amazon Reviews: 4,6 von 5 stars - 71 star ratings

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