Tarja Prüss
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Outside Finland

Rentier ©Tarja Prüss

Outside in Finland

A warming evening about a supposedly cold country with supposedly hypothermic Finns. It's clear that these are just clichés: the summers are bright and nightless, the Finns less wordless than one might think, and the landscape enchants with forests and width, midnight sun and aurora borealis. Join us on a virtual journey to the far north: with stories, literary texts and personal insights from the German-Finnish author Tarja Prüss.

Rentierschlitten ©Tarja Prüss

A guide to happiness

Finland is the happiest country in the world for the fourth time in a row (UN World Happiness Report); the country with the youngest head of government, the most lakes, heavy metal bands and the craziest competitions. What this has to do with sauna, salmiak and sisu, why Santa Claus has his own office and what a surprising wellness concept the land of reindeer has, the passionate storyteller reveals to us over a campfire and delicious food.

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27.11.2020 | Kulturgut Ittenbeuren, Ravensburg | 19 Uhr


Unfortunately, the event is in the "lockdown time". It will be postponed to 30.6.2021 - 8.00 p.m.